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Islamic State and Kurds: Full Documents and Translation
Unmasking Mujahidun Struggles Reports Islamic State and Kurds: Full Documents and Translation

By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

As a companion to my study for CTC Sentinel on the Islamic State and its relations with the Kurds, here are the original documents in full with translation.

Biography of Salah al-Din al-Kurdi

From the first mujahideen of Halabja who rose up against the Crusader invasion of Iraq in 1424 AH, he resisted the American invasion after the fall of the regime of the tyrant Saddam Hussein who left the land as a permissible morsel before America, its allies and the Safavids who began to maltreat the Sunnis.

He formed with his companions working groups against the American occupaition, composed of a squadron of snipers and a squadron of engineering for mines and IEDs.

The Salah al-Din brigade managed to kill many of the soldiers of the Crusader occupation, destroy dozens of their vehicles and kill their agents in Baghdad and Kirkuk.

The American forces arrested him at the beginning of 1429 AH and he encountered in Abu Ghraib prison the worst treatment from the hateful Rafidites and Crusaders.

Salah al-Din was released from prison after his poor health condition, as the Crusaders thought that he would die at any moment, but it was God's matter in keeping him alive.

Salah al-Din returned to his jihadi activity in 1433 AH with the Islamic State contingents in Iraq, as he gave bay'a to the Islamic State in Iraq and was sent on a martyrdom operation to strike the agents of America after it had undertaken the withdrawal from Iraq under the strikes of the mujahideen.

And Salah al-Din struck the gatherings of the Rafidites during their preparation for the so-called 'Arab Summit' that blessed the American invasion, and with his companions he killed more than 50 Rafidites.

The Salah al-Din al-Kurdi battalion continues operating in the ranks of the Dawla today and they are from the Kurdish Muslims, and their contingents were in the forefront of the soldierso the Dawla who attacked Ayn al-Islam and killed and drove out the PYD militias of kufr and atheism. And they continue on the path of the prior mujahideen until today.

Security Study on Some Kurdish villages in Aleppo province

Islamic State
Wilayat Halab
Markaz al-Amn al-Aam

No. 190
Date: 13 Shawwal 1437 AH corresponding to 18 July 2016 CE.

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Dear brother: Amir of the Diwan al-Amn al-Aam (may God protect him)

As-salam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuhu

We commend God Almighty to you, and ask the Exalted to make you among those who serve His religion, and benefit Islam and Muslims through you.

We refer to you a detailed report on some of the Kurdish villages found in the wilaya, which constitute a danger to the Islamic State as most of their inhabitants are loyal to the SDF, and hate the Dawla personnel, and that has become clear in multiple phenomena, including:

1. Deceiving Dawla personnel, tricking them and lying to them about the places where the atheists are present.

2. Receiving the atheists, welcoming them and displaying joy and happiness at their coming.

3. Some of them appeared in video clips on the Internet complaining of the zakat tax taken from them, leaving the beard to grow, the shawl, and Shari'i dress for women.

4. When the brothers have attempted to infiltrate into some of the villages to launch a raid against the atheists, the people of the villages shouted and fled to the areas where the PKK were present to inform them of the Dawla's coming.

5. Spreading of adornment among women in the border villages that remain under the Dawla's authority, lack of heeding of any brother commanding what is right or forbidding what is wrong, as the brothers have corresponded with us and informed us that they do not feel secure over themselves from the populations in the villages that lie directly behind the line of ribat.

a) Qabasin village

- Located northeast of al-Bab town, in which the proportion of Kurds is around 35%, the majority of whom harbour the ideology of the Kurdish parties and are affiliated with them.

- Among them are those who handed over their weapons when the Dawla seized the villages and those who didn't, and among them are those who have fought with the PKK until now, and among them are those who went for a short time. The majority of those present in the village are awaiting the return of the PKK to fight with them.

- Information has come from more than one source that the PKK's next target is Qabasin and they have sleeper cells in it in addition to the fact that the town is of great importance to the Kurds, as it has a considerable residential population and on account of its midway position between Manbi and al-Bab and it is an important place to them because of its proximity to the Kurdish areas in the northern countryside.

- This village includes a considerable number of the known leaders in the atheist party, including:

1. Subhi al-Arif al-Sha'bo al-Muhammad: among the notables of the tribes in Bayt al-Sha'ab on the coming of the PKK to Qabasi in the days of the Sahwa (he offered repentance).

2. Mustafa al-Sadu, a military commander present in Afrin.

b) al-Nu'aimiya village:

- Belongs to the Muslima area.

- Comprising around 50 Kurdish families.

- Most of the young men and girls of the village are outside it (they travelled to the Kurdish bases in Turkey, northern Iraq and Kobani).

- The people of the village are known for their strong adherence to their Kurdish nationalist identity.

- When a problem arises between a Kurdish person and non-Kurdish person, the village arises and does not lay down.

- It is one of the Kurdish villages supporting the PKK.

- In 2013, the people of the village signed a document for the departure of the atheist party leader Abdullah Ocalan from the Turkish persons.

- In the days of the Free Army and in the beginning of the revolution, the people of the village set up a checkpoint affiliated with the party in it and put up the party banner on it on the grounds of protecting the village.

- The checkpoint remained for around the year and they wore clothing particular to the party in addition to banners with the presence of arms.

- The mukhtar was the one responsible for recruitment and providing the checkpoint's necessities and bringing salaries and paying them.

- When the Islamic State entered the area, they denied their affiliation with the party, and the Dawla asked them to hand over their weapons.

- But they have only handed over a small part of them, and it is expected that there are hidden or buried weapons.

c) Haymar Labada village

- Located on the road between Manbij and al-Khafsa.

- Number of inhabitants reaches 5000 people.

- Most of them are among those who hate the Islamic State.

- Its people, around a month before the campaign [against Manbij], assaulted the Hisba base by night 10 days after it had been opened, while they stole a sum of 50,000 Syrian pounds, a laptop and some confiscate cigarettes.

- Among its sons are those participating in the atheist campaign against Manbij.

- Its people welcomed the atheists when they took control of the village.

- When the brothers penetrated through the village, they asked its people whether the PKK were present. They said: 'No.' But after the brothers advanced, they were fired on with bullets from behind.

- It is considered the first front line from the southern front.

d) Qibat al-Shih

- Located north of al-Bab city, with the proportion of Kurds at 99%; 70% having been with the atheist party.

- Arms are present in the village and they are awaiting the PKK.

- The Dawla has killed many of the sons of this village for their loyalty to their Kurdish nationalist identity for in the battle of Ayn al-Islam they were going to Turkey and from it they were entering Ayn al-Islam to fight with the PKK and when in that time a group composed of 14 people were arrested: among them we found one wounded in his forearm, and on asking him about it, he replied that he struck himself?!

- Total ignorance in matters of their religion, for many of them don't know the obligatory prayers.

e) Barshaya

- Most of its inhabitants are Kurds.

- Large proportion of them are affiliated with the PKK.

- They have weapons that were hand over to the Dawla but after that the Dawla returned the weapons to them.

- Most of them are awaiting the return of the party to join it.

f) al-Ka'iba

- Located 8km south of al-Ra'i.

- All of its people are PKK and affiliated with Ayn al-Islam [i.e. the PKK branch there].

- A large proportion of them are smugglers who smuggle youth to Ayn al-Islam, and most of these people are from the Demo family.

- Before the Dawla came, there were people in it working in smuggling hashish and drugs, as it was considered a source of funding for the Kurdish parties before the coming of the Crusader alliance.

- There are houses present designated for prostitution in this village as well as dancers, according to many witnesses from the area.

- A number of incidents have happened in this village during the advance of the parties to Manbij, among them: the people of the village ganged up on one of the security brothers when he pursued one of the smugglers while the smuggler took refuge in the house of Naser al-Din Demo who hid him.

- When one of the brothers went to prepare a base in the village that had been confiscated by the real estate, a number of people from the village attacked the brother, at the head of them Muhammad Demo.

- When the security brothers went to the village to inspect the situation in Ramadan, they found that most of the people of the village were not fasting.

- Difficulty of security penetration of this village because of the lack of any person working with the Dawla in it.

g) Nu'man village

- Located 10 km north of al-Bab city and the number of its inhabitants reaches 2000 people.

- They have strong adherence to Kurdish nationalist identity.

- Before the Dawla entered, all of the youth of the people of the village were affiliated with the Yusuf al-Udhma battalion affiliated with the Kurdish parties.

- They had a checkpoint in the village with multiple people established on it: more than 25 people, all of them armed with rifles.

- 8 of them only were arrested and they only acknowledged two rifles.

- A cell for smuggling prisoners from this village was arrested as it was working to smuggle Kurdish prisoners who fled from al-Bab prison previously.

- The village is composed of 4 families, all of them cousins: Bayt Balij, Bayt Hamdak, Bayt al-Ahmad, Bayt Hanash.

- A person is present in this village by the name of Mahmoud Ismail Hamdak, known as Abu Shiro, considered an administrative leader for the Sadd al-Shahba' sector as they call it.

- There is another person called Bahjat Balij who supports the party in Afrin.

- Difficulty of penetrating this village for intelligence as all of them are cousins and loyal to their Kurdish nationalist identity.

According to the preceding in this report, we suggest displacing the people of these villages in the current time to avoid cases of treachery that have happened in similar villages that have now fallen under the control of the PKK.

Islamic State
Diwan al-Amn al-Aam
Amni Aam official- Aleppo 

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