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US Pilgrims: Hajj Shows Tolerance, Peace And Patience Among Muslims
Muslim Journals, Writings And Intellects US Pilgrims: Hajj Shows Tolerance, Peace And Patience Among Muslims

Tariq Al-Thaqafi

MINA: US pilgrims said the Hajj was an annual gathering in which pilgrims feel fraternity and unity. They also praised the Kingdom's efforts to organize the crowds.

Arab News surveyed several American pilgrims in Mina to learn their feelings about the Hajj, and the organization and preparedness they witnessed.

At the residence of the American pilgrims, Annewil Junil Camsel, a US citizen residing in Haiti, said that the whole world appreciates the ability of the Saudis to organize and control such massive crowds. "The hosting of more than 2 million pilgrims over a few days, and in a narrow geographical area, is very difficult," he said.

Camsel also said "Saudi society is good, tolerant and cooperative." He mentioned that he had lost his way when trying to find his tent, and when he approached several Saudis for directions, they insisted on taking him to its location.

Mutawwif Zaki Kamal of the National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Turkey and Muslims of Europe, Americas and Australia, said that the "35 office" provides all necessary facilities and guidance and helps pilgrims perform their pilgrimage with ease.

"The American pilgrims love reading books, visiting historical places in Makkah and reading the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)," Kamal said. He also pointed out "American pilgrims are organized and committed to all schedules."

American pilgrim Mu'in Al-Haq said he came from the southern United States and this was his seventh pilgrimage. He said he "used to organize travel arrangements for Americans coming to Makkah during the Hajj season," and that he has a great desire to revisit the holy sites as often as he can.

"Hajj is a global forum that allows everyone to have the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with each other, and share experiences. It is a universal occasion that brings together Muslims who are tolerant, equal in dress, rights and duties," said Aref Hussein, an American pilgrim from Atlanta.

Hussein, who works for a gas company, said this was the fourth time he had come to Makkah on Hajj, which has allowed him to see new developments every year.

"The presence of Muslims from all over the world in Makkah at a specific time reflects the true meaning of life, and also shows the pilgrim as a lover of peace and coexistence, who renounces hatred," he said.

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